11 Easy Japanese Natto Recipes For The Beginner

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Enjoy natto with our beginner-friendly Natto Recipes! From natto with egg to toast, these easy dishes are perfect for those new to this Japanese superfood!

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Looking for various ways to enjoy natto? Whether you’re trying natto for the first time or eager to expand your repertoire, these natto recipes are tailored for you. Get ready to savor this Japanese delicacy! Let’s get started!

A Quick Guide to Japanese Natto

Natto with chopsticks.

Natto is a traditional Japanese food made from fermented soybeans. It’s known for being both healthy and a popular choice for breakfast in Japan. When you stay at a traditional Japanese hotel, you’ll often find Natto on the breakfast menu. To learn more about this unique food, you can explore these articles:

1. Natto Gohan (Natto Over Rice)

Natto gohan (natto over the rice).

Natto Rice, or Natto Gohan, is the fundamental way to eat Natto! It’s a quick, easy, healthy, and nutrient-rich breakfast (We eat it almost every day!). Let’s learn how you can prepare it with eight topping ideas!

2. Natto Chahan

Natto chahan.

If you love fried rice and Natto, try this Natto Chahan! It’s a great way to enjoy Natto and rice and an easy lunch you can make in no time!

3. Natto Rolls (Sushi Rolls)

Natto rolls.

The Natto Rolls (Sushi Rolls) is a classic Japanese sushi recipe that will have you coming back again and again. It’s perfect for finger foods or packing in your lunchbox to eat on the go!

4. Natto Udon Noodle Bowl

Natto egg udon noodles.

Natto, udon noodles, and egg combine to make a wholesome meal in this delicious bowl. Try the easy-to-follow Natto Udon Noodle Bowl for a delightful taste of something new!

5. Natto Egg Toast

Japanese natto egg toast

This Natto Egg Toast is a quick and tasty breakfast that is great for your gut health. If you want a quick natto recipe, try this one!

6. Natto Cheese Toast

Natto cheese toast.

Natto Cheese Toast is a quick and easy breakfast full of flavor. To make it, place Natto and cheese with some stir-fried cabbage onto one slice of bread and toast in your oven until golden brown!

7. Natto Omelet

Natto omelet.

This Natto Omelet is packed with soybeans and rich in nutrients. If you don’t know what to do with Natto, try this recipe — it’s an easy but tasty main dish!

8. Natto Miso Soup

Natto miso soup.

If you love Natto but are not too fond of its stick-to-your-mouth texture, then this Natto Miso Soup will be perfect! Let’s learn how to make it!

9. Hiyayakko with Natto

Hiyayakko with natto.

Hiyayakko is a Japanese chilled tofu dish. Customize it with your natto toppings and prepare it in just 5 minutes!

10. Natto Mochi

Natto mochi.

If you enjoy Japanese mochi rice cake, try this Natto Mochi – made with just two ingredients, and it offers a unique combination of savory and sweet flavors!

11. Ochazuke Recipe

Natto ochazuke served in a bowl.

Ochazuke is a traditional Japanese dish where hot tea is poured over steamed rice with various toppings. It’s a quick and easy dish enjoyed for breakfast or an afternoon snack.

30 More Natto Recipe Ideas!

4 natto recipes with text overlay.

I’m not done yet! I have additional natto recipes to share with you! Here are 30 natto recipe ideas that make incorporating this superfood into your meals both simple and enjoyable!

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4 natto recipes with text overlay.

11 Easy Japanese Natto Recipes For The Beginner

5 from 6 votes
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Prep: 5 minutes
Cook: 5 minutes
Total: 10 minutes
Servings: 2 serving
Author: Juri Austin
Discover the tips for How to Eat Natto with our beginner's guide. You will easily savor this unique food from Natto Gohan to delicious recipes!


  • 1 pack Natto, 50g/1.8oz (use attached sauce and karashi)




  • Substitute: If your natto doesn’t come with sauce and karashi, you can use soy sauce or make it by mixing soy sauce, dashi (soup stock), and sugar.
  • Storage: Keep natto in the fridge or freezer. When eating frozen natto, please leave it in the refrigerator for a half-day to defrost naturally – no microwave oven, as it ruins the taste.
  • You can find Natto at Asian grocery stores or Japanese supermarkets. You would find it around the tofu section or frozen section.
  • If unsure about the taste, stir it as much as possible to increase the umami (savory) flavor.
Course: Side
Cuisine: Japanese
Keyword: natto recipes
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