23 Easy Japanese Noodle Dishes From Ramen to Udon

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Welcome to the world of delicious Japanese Noodle Dishes! From popular ramen to comforting udon, I will introduce you to authentic recipes that make you feel like you’ve traveled to Japan!

4 Japanese Noodle Dishes.

In this collection, you’ll discover tasty Japanese Noodle Dishes that are easy to recreate at home. Whether you enjoy a hearty bowl of soup or a flavorful stir-fry, I’m sure you will discover your favorite here! Let’s get started!

Types of Japanese Noodles

We have a wide variety of noodles here in Japan, each with its unique texture and flavor. In this recipe, we’ll focus on the most beloved noodles:

  • Ramen is wheat-based noodles in a flavorful broth, often accompanied by toppings like pork, seaweed, and green onions.
  • Udon is thick wheat noodles known for their chewy texture, typically served in a mild soy-based broth with various toppings.
  • Soba is made from buckwheat flour, served hot or cold, enjoyed with a dipping sauce or in a hot broth.

Let’s dive into Japanese noodle recipes below!

1. Shio Ramen (Vegetarian)

Shio ramen is served on a ramen bowl.

If you love ramen noodles and follow a vegetarian diet, I highly recommend trying this Shio Ramen recipe—a salt-flavored ramen soup! You can whip up this savory delight without using chicken broth!

2. Miso Ramen (Vegan)

Miso ramen is served on a ramen bowl.

In the array of Japanese ramen flavors, you want to experience the deliciousness of Miso Ramen! My personal favorite! The soup is infused with garlic, ginger, and miso paste and harmonizes perfectly with the ramen noodles. Give this recipe a try!

3. Vegetable Yakisoba (Vegan)

Yaki soba is on a frying pan.

Vegetable Yakisoba is a beloved noodle dish in Japan, perfect for a quick lunch and dinner. Stir-fry an assortment of vegetables, some protein, and noodles with sesame oil, then finish with a flavorful and savory sauce. Give these yakisoba noodles a try!

4. Hiyashi Chuka (Vegetarian)

Hiyashi Chuka is served on a plate.

Hiyashi Chuka is a summer essential in Japan. This cold ramen noodle dish helps you stay cool in the heat and refreshes your entire body with a tangy and savory sauce.

5. Cold Ramen Noodle Salad (Vegetarian)

Cold ramen noodle salad served on a plate.

This Cold Ramen Noodle Salad is refreshing, tasty, and a satisfying meal! Enjoy the blend of chewy noodles, crisp veggies, and flavorful sesame dressing!

6. Kake Udon Soup

Kake udon is served on a soup bowl.

This Kake Udon Soup recipe teaches you how to make the most simple noodle soup. Enjoy the chewy Japanese udon noodles in flavorful dashi soup with toppings like fish cake, soft-boiled eggs, and wakame seaweed. Give it a try for a quick and satisfying meal!

7. Tanuki Udon Soup (Vegan)

Tanuki udon is served on a soup bowl.

Tanuki Udon Soup is a classic udon dish featuring deep-fried tempura bits on top. This topping adds a delightful richness to the soup, creating a fulfilling and hearty dish!

8. Kitsune Udon Soup (Vegan)

Kitsune udon is served on a soup bowl.

Kitsune Udon Soup, a simple udon dish, stars seasoned fried tofu (Inari age) as its key topping. The Japanese have cherished this classic, timeless dish for generations.

9. Miso Udon Soup (Vegetarian)

Miso udon is served on a soup bowl.

This heartwarming Miso Udon Soup is a perfect comforting dish for cold days! Udon, the thickest Japanese noodles, perfectly complements the rich miso paste soup!

10. Curry Udon Soup

Curry udon is served on a soup bowl.

If you’re a fan of Japanese curry, this Curry Udon Soup recipe is perfect for you! You will enjoy the excellent pairing of delicious noodles immersed in a flavorful curry soup.

11. Vegan Udon Soup

Vegan udon is served on a soup bowl.

This Vegan Udon Soup offers an umami-rich hot broth made from kombu dashi stock, paired with chewy udon noodles—a perfect comfort dish when you’re seeking something healthy and cozy!

12. Vegetarian Udon Soup

Vegetarian udon is served on a soup bowl.

Dive into the comforting flavors of our heartwarming Vegetarian Udon Soup. Chewy udon noodles pair well with plant-based soup, perfect for a wholesome meal!

13. Vegetable Yaki Udon (Vegan)

Yaki udon is on a frying pan.

This Vegetable Yaki Udon, tasty stir-fried udon noodles, is perfect for a quick lunch or dinner on busy weekdays. It’s a straightforward recipe, taking under 15 minutes from start to finish!

14. Miso Udon Carbonara (Vegetarian)

Miso udon carbonara is served on a plate.

If you’re feeling like some light yet satisfying comfort food today, try this Miso Udon Carbonara! Thick wheat noodles are perfectly paired with creamy carbonara sauce.

15. Zaru Udon

Zaru udon is served on a plate.

Zaru Udon is a popular summer noodle dish. Boil the noodles, rinse them under cold water, and serve with a dipping sauce. It’s great for a light meal or when you want something refreshing. Enjoy the chewy noodles with the tasty sauce for a delightful experience!

16. Bukkake Udon

Bukkake udon is served on a bowl.

Bukkake Udon is a Japanese noodle dish with savory broth and various toppings. Try this easy dish if you’re in the mood for something tasty yet light!

17. Cold Udon Noodle Bowl

Cold udon noodle bowl is served on a bowl.

Summer is the ideal time for Cold Udon Noodle Bowl. Layer boiled udon with fresh summer vegetables and drizzle with a tasty noodle soup for an effortless recipe.

18. Chilled Natto Udon Noodle Bowl

Chilled natto udon noodle bowl is served on a bowl.

This Chilled Natto Udon Noodle Bowl is my favorite dish that combines natto and udon! It can be enjoyed either cold or warm. If you’re a fan of natto, give it a try!

19. Kake Soba Soup

Kake soba is served on a soup bowl.

Are you craving a homemade Kake Soba Soup recipe? Making this Japanese favorite is a breeze with my simple steps. Treat yourself to a delightful bowl of noodle soup right in your home!

20. Vegan Soba Soup

Vegan soba is served on a soup bowl.

Are you searching for a soothing bowl of noodles? Give this Vegan Soba Soup a try – your perfect choice for a cozy and effortless dinner tonight!

21. Toshikoshi Soba Soup

Toshikoshi soba is served on a soup bowl.

Toshikoshi Soba Soup is a simple noodle soup that holds a special place in Japanese cuisine. The long and thin buckwheat noodles represent a healthy, long life in Japanese culture, and we believe eating these noodles on New Year’s Eve will bring good fortune to the family in the coming year.

22. Zaru Soba

Zaru soba is served on a plate.

Zaru Soba is a traditional Japanese noodle dish, perfect for cooling off in warm weather. These buckwheat noodles are a lighter and healthier option than udon and are popular among those mindful of their health. Enjoy the refreshing taste!

23. Soba Noodle Salad

Soba noodle salad served on a plate.

Enjoy this vibrant Soba Noodles Salad with fresh vegetables and a creamy mayo dressing. It’s quick, easy, and perfect for a light meal. Give it a try!

A Quick Guide for Japanese Noodles

Udon noodles and ramen noodles.

Learn more about the world of Japanese noodles by exploring quick guides here:

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4 Japanese noodle dishes.

23 Easy Japanese Noodle Dishes From Ramen to Udon

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Author: Juri Austin
Welcome to the world of delicious Japanese noodle dishes! From popular ramen to comforting udon, I will introduce you to authentic recipes that make you feel like you've traveled to Japan!


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  1. I adore the fact that someone else is pescatarian and guides me to the Japanese food folder my father exposed us to previous to 1968 when he passed. I do want a non egg noodle and do not know which do not contain eggs. Ideally gluten free would be my goal as well. Please list any noodles what noodles are with out eggs? I am guessing wheat and gluten are required so I am hoping avoiding eggs is possible. Eggs make me this sickest the

    1. Hi Stacy, thanks for your comment and sharing your story! Ramen noodles most likely contain eggs. Traditional udon noodles usually consist of wheat flour, water, and salt, and they don’t include eggs. Soba noodles are also egg-free. Still, it’s a good idea to check the label, as some noodles might sneak in eggs. For the gluten-free option, go for “Jyuwari soba.” While soba often includes wheat flour for binding, but this Jyuwari Soba (十割そば) is made entirely from 100% buckwheat flour. I hope this helps!