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Welcome to Chef JA Cooks, your go-to destination for simple, authentic, and wholesome, mostly vegetarian Japanese recipes. Interested in Japanese home cooking but find it a bit daunting? Whether you’re experienced or a beginner, I’m here to make it easy and enjoyable. Join me on this tasty journey into Japanese cuisine!

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About Juri

Mom. Wife. Founder of Chef JA Cooks.

I’m the creator and photographer here on this site. As a mom of two with decades of cooking experience, I’m passionate about wholesome and nourishing meals that bring joy to my family’s table. I always enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes and flavors in my kitchen.

Having grown up around my grandparents’ restaurant, I naturally developed a love for food from an early age. After getting married, my passion for cooking grew, and I explored a culinary adventure, experimenting with vegan, vegetarian, raw food, detox, and macrobiotic diets, which led to starting this blog! Although I’m not exclusively vegan, having been a pescatarian for over a decade, I thoroughly enjoy plant-based eating.

In addition to being a certified food education instructor, I’m also a green smoothie master and a food hygiene expert. When I’m not cooking or thinking about food, I’m probably having a blast with our kids at a nearby park, practicing flamenco dance (I’ve been at it for over a decade!),  or delving into the art of kimono and Japanese traditions.

Serve You Simple Yet Tasty Japanese Recipes

I aim to share easy and healthy Japanese recipes that are primarily vegetarian here on Chef JA Cooks. I keep most of my dishes simple, with minimal ingredients, making it easy for everyone to recreate them in their own kitchen.

easy steps

Find straightforward recipes that make it a breeze for everyone.

minimum ingredients

Most recipes use less than 10 ingredients and just the right amount of seasonings.

vegetarian RECIPES

Primarily vegetarian and vegan recipes.

Authentic Flavor

Bring the taste of Japan to your table, plus our food culture.

Explore Our Delicious Homemade Recipes

Discover our easy Japanese recipes featuring hearty onigiri, cozy miso soup, and simple yet flavorful tofu dishes. Most of the recipes contain less than 10 ingredients!

2 salmon onigiri rice balls on a white plate.
vegetarian miso ramen served in a ramen bowl.
sauteed Japanese eggplant served on a plate.
Tofu nuggets with ketchup.
NItamago served on a bowl.
Salmon roll served on a plate.
Tofu miso soup.
miso soup
a slice of matcha castella on a plate with a folk

Enjoy Learning Japanese Cooking with Chef JA Cooks!

Your Questions Answered

Egg onigiri.
Do you have a cookbook? I love your Recipes!

I don’t have a physical cookbook, but I do have eBooks available now! You can find them on our shop page: the Onigiri eBook, the Daikon Recipe eBook, and the Kabocha Recipe eBook. Just click the link to learn more!

How can I get in touch with you?

Feel free to message me from the Contact page or find me on YouTubePinterest, Instagram, or Facebook! If you enjoy watching videos, I post two new cooking videos on YouTube every week, so don’t forget to subscribe to my channel!

Why do you have advertisements on your website?

I completely understand that ads can sometimes be bothersome, but they play a crucial role in supporting Chef JA Cooks. These ads help cover essential blog expenses and keep the site running smoothly. Your understanding and support are greatly appreciated!

Can I use your photos or recipes on my site?

Thanks for asking! You are welcome to share one of my photos with credit and a link back to the full recipe on my website.

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