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Discover our easy Japanese recipes featuring hearty onigiri, cozy miso soup, and simple yet flavorful tofu dishes. Most of the recipes contain less than 10 ingredients!

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Hi! I’m Juri, founder of Chef JA Cooks and the creator and photographer of this site. I’m here to guide you in authentic yet easy-to-follow Japanese recipes! Let’s explore the world of Japanese cuisine together!

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Getting Started in Japanese Cooking!

Are you new to Japanese cooking? Let me be your guide and help you navigate the tasty world of Japanese cuisine.

  • Introduction
  • Essential Ingredients
  • Basic Recipes
  • Simple Recipes for Beginners

Learn the Basic Dishes

Japanese short grain rice in a pot

Japanese Rice

Rice is a staple in Japanese cuisine, and there are countless ways to enjoy it!

tofu hambagu served with salad on a place

Main Dishes

Our main dishes offer a delightful array, from family favorites like gyoza to classic tempura recipes.

Egg miso soup served on a bowl.

Miso Soup

Experience authentic Japanese miso soup at home – it’s cozy, healthy, and so delicious!

Stir-fried lotus root served in a bowl.

Side Dishes

Discover our extensive collection of side dishes featuring eggs, tofu, and fresh vegetables to elevate your meal.

Your Guide to Learning Onigiri

New to Onigiri? You’ve come to the right place! This page is your guide to making delicious Japanese rice balls. Let’s dive into the world of Onigiri together and turn your kitchen into a space for tasty creations!

Egg onigiri.
Eating vegetarian chahan.

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