15 Japanese Kabocha Squash Recipes (Vegetarian)

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Learn how to cook a pumpkin with these delicious Japanese Kabocha Squash Recipes. Try it sweet or savory – there are many ways to bring out its unique flavors!

a collage of kabocha squash recipes

Let’s dive into these delicious Japanese kabocha squash recipes. They are simple and easy to make from desserts, salads, soups, and savory side dishes! Most of these recipes are vegan and vegetarian, using minimal ingredient lists.

I hope you find your favorite recipe and enjoy this tasty and versatile winter squash to the fullest! Let’s get started!


Kabocha squash, or Japanese pumpkin, is a type of winter squash and is a staple in Japanese cooking. The outer skin is dark green, and the inside is bright orange flesh. It’s sweet and starchy and a great ingredient for various dishes such as creamy soup, roasting, and frying.

1. Kabocha Dango (Vegan)

Kabocha dango(Japanese pumpkin snack)

This Kabocha Dango is an easy Japanese pumpkin dessert with only 2 ingredients. Mix mashed kabocha and starch and pan-fry. That’s it! It’s chewy, starchy, and so tasty!

2. Kabocha Squash Muffins (Vegan)

Vegan Kabocha Squash(pumpkin) Muffins

These Kabocha Squash Muffins are made from Japanese pumpkin, which is starchy and sweet. No butter or eggs are used, but it’s fluffy, moist, and super easy to make.

3. Kabocha Squash Cookies (Vegan)

Japanese Kabocha Squash Cookies(Vegan)

If you are looking for a Japanese pumpkin recipe, try these easy Kabocha Squash Cookies. It’s so crunchy and tasty that you can’t stop eating it!

4. Kabocha Squash Miso Soup (Vegan adaptable)

kabocha miso soup in a bowl

This Kabocha Miso Soup is an authentic Japanese soup packed with umami of niboshi dashi. It’s hearty, easy, and so delicious.

5. Veggie-Loaded Kabocha Squash Soup (Vegan)

kabocha soup in a staub pot

On a cold day, nothing beats the rich and creamy flavor of Veggie-Loaded Kabocha Soup. This Japanese-style soup will warm you up all over!

6. Lotus Root & Kabocha Squash Salad (Vegan)

A colorful salad with lotus root, pumpkin and hijiki(Japanese seaweed)

You’re going to love this healthy and easy Japanese Kabocha and Lotus Root Salad for fall! This delicious salad is made with roasted lotus root and kabocha squash tossed in seasoned hijiki seaweed.

7. Kabocha Squash Salad with Egg (Vegetarian)

kabocha squash salad with boiled egg in a food container

This easy-to-make Kabocha Salad With Egg will be ready in 15 minutes! This salad is perfect if you’re looking for a simple kabocha dish on your menu.

8. Veggie Quinoa Salad (Vegan)

veggie quinoa salad

Here is a recipe for Veggie Quinoa Salad with kabocha and carrots. It is easy to make, colorful, and perfect for everyday use or house party.

9. Kabocha Squash Soup (Vegetarian)

Kabocha squash soup served in a soup bowl.

If you are looking for an early fall soup recipe, try this easy Kabocha Squash SoupIts rich flavors and silky texture make it a perfect comforting soup on chilly days!

10. Simmered Kabocha (Vegan)

simmered kabocha squash in a blue bowl

This Simmered Kabocha is an easy and delicious side dish made by simmering kabocha with sugar, mirin, and soy sauce. It’s perfect if you are looking for a simple kabocha recipe.

11. Fried Kabocha Squash (Vegan)

fried kabocha squash served on a plate

If you’re looking for a super easy kabocha squash recipe, why not try these Japanese-style Fried Kabocha Squash? It’s ready in 10 minutes and tastes so good!

12. Leftover Roasted Vegetables (Vegan)

roasted vegetables

Leftover Roasted Vegetables is my favorite way to enjoy kabocha! Place large chunks of kabocha on a sheet pan, combine with sea salt and olive oil, and roast for 20 minutes at preheated 200C/392F. It’s simple, but you can enjoy the natural sweetness of the squash.

13. Kabocha Tempura (Vegetarian)

kabocha tempura

Here’s a great way to enjoy the taste of Japan at home. Learn how to cook delicious, light Japanese Kabocha Tempura with this easy recipe!

14. Japanese Vegetable Curry (Vegan)

Japanese summer vegetable curry

The Japanese curry rice is creamy, starchy, and easy for a family dinner. The dish usually contains meat, but this Japanese Vegetable Curry has plenty of vegetables to make it vegan or vegetarian. Let’s learn how!

15. Steamed Kabocha Squash (Vegan)

Steamed kabocha squash stored in a food container.

Kickstart your fall preparations with Steamed Kabocha Squash—the best way to savor its delightful goodness! Learn how to steam and enjoy its deliciousness!

6 kabocha squash recipes

I hope you will enjoy these tasty Japanese kabocha squash recipes!

How to Cut a Kabocha Squash

Instructions of how to cut kabocha squash.

The dark green skin of Kabocha squash is a challenge to cut through. If you are a first time, maybe you’re not quite sure where you should be cutting from. Learn how to cut kabocha squash in 5 ways and savor these delicious recipes!

Your Questions Answered

Do you need to peel kabocha squash?

The skin is edible, and no need to peel it. But if you want that beautiful orange color for your muffins or other desserts – take off the skin!

Can you eat Kabocha squash skin?

Yes, you can. The skin is edible and rich in nutrients.

What does kabocha squash taste like?

It has a rich, sweet flavor with a soft and fluffy texture. It tastes like a delicious combination of potatoes and chestnuts.

What are the benefits of kabocha squash?

Kabocha squash contains beta-carotene, vitamin E, and dietary fiber.
It has the benefit of fighting off bacteria and viruses that cause colds. The dry air in winter makes us more susceptible to catching infections, so eating it can help keep your immune system healthy during the cold season.

Is kabocha squash a carb?

Yes, it is a carbohydrate. It contains 20 g of carbs per 100 grams, which makes it similar to sweet potatoes but less than rice at 37g.

How do you know if a kabocha squash is good?

Pick the one that is dark green, hard, glossy on the skin, and heavy.

How do you know if a kabocha squash is ripe?

Check the stem first. If you find a Kabocha squash with a dry, cork-like stem, they’re ideally ripe and taste good. Another point is an orange mark on the skin, which contacted the ground and did not turn green. If they are bright orange, it’s a sign of mature Kabocha squash.

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15 Easy Japanese Kabocha Squash Recipes To Try

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Author: Juri Austin
Learn how to cook a Japanese pumpkin with my delicious Kabocha Squash Recipes. Try it sweet or savory – there are many ways to bring out its unique flavors!


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