Your Guide to Learning Onigiri

New to Onigiri? You’re in the right place! This page is your guide to making delicious Japanese rice balls. Let’s dive into the world of Onigiri together and turn your kitchen into a space for tasty creations!

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Onigiri is a Japanese dish consisting of steamed rice filled with delicious ingredients, shaped into a triangle, and wrapped in seaweed. Perfect for a lunchbox or a quick snack, you can hold it like a sandwich, making it easy to enjoy on the go.

Basic Ingredients

Here are the basic onigiri ingredients: rice, nori, and salt. Explore the next section for delightful filling choices.

japanese rice on a plate

Japanese Rice

Japanese short-grain rice is sticky, making it perfect for onigiri as it holds the rice together. Koshihikari is a popular choice.

Nori sheet

Nori sheet

Nori is dried seaweed, crispy, and sold in sheets. It gives onigiri a unique ocean flavor.



A hint of salt enhances the overall taste. Opt for sea salt with small grains and mild saltiness for the best results.

Filling of Your Choice

Onigiri fillings are what you add inside the rice balls—whether salty, creamy, sour, or sweet, there are plenty of options. They bring a distinctive flavor to these delightful rice balls. Explore some of the most popular fillings in Japan.



Salmon is a top pick for onigiri filling. Grill a fresh salmon fillet or use ready-made salmon flakes for convenience.

Canned tuna.

Tuna Mayo

Creamy tuna mayo filling is another great option. For an authentic taste, go for a Japanese brand like Kewpie.



Katsuobushi, or bonito flakes, add a delightful umami flavor to your onigiri. It’s also called okaka.

Kombu tsukudani.

kombu Tsukudani

A delicious filling made from kombu seaweed simmered with mirin, soy sauce, and sugar.”



Pickled plum offers a unique salty and sour flavor that pairs well with plain Japanese rice.



Salted cod roe is made by marinating it in a mix of salty seasonings. Mentaiko is the spicy version.

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How To Make Onigiri Step By Step

How to make onigiri step by step.

1. Cook Rice

Rinse, soak, and cook Japanese rice in a pot.

How to make onigiri step by step.

2. Prepare Filling

Prepare a filling of your choice and gather all the ingredients.

How to make onigiri step by step.

3. Assemble

Fill a small bowl with rice and add your filling in the center.

How to make onigiri step by step.

4. Shape

Hold the rice with both hands and shape it into triangles.

How to make onigiri step by step.

5. Wrap

Wrap the rice with nori, ensuring the shiny side faces outward.

Popular Onigiri Recipes

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