19 Easy Japanese Tofu Recipes For Weeknight Dinners

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Explore a collection of Japanese Tofu Recipes! From agedashi to teriyaki tofu and miso soup, bring the authentic flavors of Japan to your kitchen with these easy recipes!

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Tofu is a must-have pantry staple in our kitchen, especially for crafting delightful vegetarian meals. In this post, I’ll guide you through 19 mouthwatering Japanese Tofu Recipes that cover everything from main dishes for lunch and dinner to appetizers, salads, soups, and even desserts! All of them are simple to prepare, vegan or vegetarian recipes, so go ahead and give them a try!

1. Agedashi Tofu Recipe (Fried Tofu in Dashi Soup)

Agedashi tofu served in a bowl.

Agedashi Tofu is a classic side dish in Japanese cooking featuring deep-fried tofu in a savory dashi stock. It’s wonderfully simple, vegan, and gluten-free! Learn how to make it and bring the taste of Japan right into your home!

2. Crispy Tofu Katsu Recipe (Japanese Vegetarian Cutlet)

Tofu katsu served on a plate.

Tofu Katsu is a delicious deep-fried tofu recipe. Coat tofu pieces with batter and Japanese breadcrumbs, deep fry them until golden brown, and serve with a delicious sauce. Give it a try and savor the flavorful experience! Explore more variations like tofu katsu curry, or a tofu katsu don (rice bowl) as well!

3. Tofu Donburi (Vegan Teriyaki Rice Bowl)

Tofu donburi served on a bowl with some vegetables.

This Tofu Donburi is our family favorite for lunch and dinner. Enjoy flavorful pan-fried teriyaki tofu served atop freshly cooked white rice and garnished with sesame seeds—it’s a delightful experience!

4. Teriyaki Tofu Recipe with Mushrooms

Teriyaki tofu with mushrooms served on a plate.

Try this easy Teriyaki Tofu with Mushrooms for a tasty vegetarian main dish. Pick your favorite one, like shimeji, enoki, or shiitake mushrooms, and savor the delicious combination of crispy pan-fried tofu in sweet teriyaki sauce!

5. Japanese Veggie Tofu Burger Recipe

Tofu burger served on a plate.

This healthy Japanese Tofu Burger or hamburger steak is made from 100% tofu. This dish is the perfect choice if you want a delectable vegetarian dinner recipe!

6. Japanese-Style Vegan Mapo Tofu Recipe

Japanese mabo dofu served on a plate.

This Japanese Mapo Tofu (mabo tofu) boasts a flavorful twist with mild seasonings using soy sauce, mirin, and miso paste. It’s not too spicy but still packs enough heat for a satisfying family meal!

7. Vegan Quiche with Tofu

A piece of tofu quiche served on a plate.

This simple Vegan Quiche with Tofu is a healthy and hearty dish. The crispy crust paired with the creamy tofu filling will leave you craving seconds in no time!

8. Stir-fried Japanese Eggplant and Tofu with Miso Paste

Stir-fried eggplant and tofu served on a plate.

Learn how to make this delicious Stir-fried Japanese Eggplant and Tofu. Stir fry eggplant and tofu in sesame oil, then coat them in a rich sauce. Quick and easy, it’s perfect for a busy weeknight dinner!

9. Tofu Stuffed Vegetarian Napa Cabbage Rolls

Napa cabbage roll with tofu served on a bowl.

These Napa Cabbage Rolls feature tofu fillings wrapped in tender napa cabbage and simmered to perfection. They are hearty, delicious, and healthy with a light yet satisfying seasoning.

10. Vegan Tofu Scramble with Miso Paste

Tofu scramble served on a bowl with rice.

Try this Vegan Tofu Scramble perfect for a flavorful and nutritious breakfast. Loaded with plant-based protein, this simple recipe is an excellent way to kickstart your day on a wholesome note!

11. Vegan Tofu Nuggets (Japanese-Style)

Tofu nuggets with ketchup served on a plate.

For nugget enthusiasts, these Tofu Nuggets are perfect for delightful appetizers! They boast a blend of light, fluffy texture and satisfying chewiness. An excellent choice for plant-based protein and a healthier snack alternative!

12. Japanese Tofu Salad with Seaweed

Green vegetables, tofu and seaweed on a bowl dressed with ginger and soy sauce dressing.

This Japanese Tofu Salad with Seaweed is a nutritious and flavorful side dish. The tofu’s neutral taste absorbs the dressing’s flavors, and the seaweed contributes texture and a range of nutrients to enhance your well-being.

13. Tofu Misozuke (Miso Tofu Cheese)

Tofu misozuke served on a plate.

This Tofu Misozuke is a simple vegan appetizer requiring only two ingredients: tofu and miso paste. Its creamy texture and wonderfully salty flavor will leave you craving more! Go ahead, give it a try!

14. Vegan Tofu Cream Cheese

Vegan cream cheese with tofu.

Making Homemade Tofu Cream Cheese is a breeze! Blend firm tofu and miso in a food processor (or high-speed blender) until smooth. You’ll be surprised how effortlessly you can whip up this fantastic dip!

15. Hiyayakko 8 Ways (Japanese Cold Tofu Recipe)

Hiyayakko with shio kombu and mashed avocado.

Enjoy the quick and refreshing delight of Hiyayakko, a classic Japanese dish! Personalize it with your favorite toppings and have it ready in 5 minutes!

16. Tofu Miso Soup with Instant Dashi Powder

Tofu miso soup in a saucepan.

Crafting a homemade Tofu Miso Soup is a breeze with this easy recipe featuring tofu, green onions, dashi powder, and miso paste. With simple ingredients, it’s ready in under 10 minutes. Bring the taste of Japan to your home and savor the flavors!

17. Baked Tofu Cheesecake Recipe (No Crust)

Tofu cheesecake served on a plate.

This Tofu Cheesecake recipe requires less than 10 minutes to prepare and just five ingredients. Mix tofu with other ingredients, and pop it in the oven – no crust or complicated baking methods needed!

18. Vegan Tofu Donuts Recipe (Donut Holes)

Tofu donut hole served on a plate.

Try these Vegan Tofu Donuts for a delightful dessert with only five ingredients! These cute donut holes, made with silken tofu, have a great texture – crispy outside and chewy inside.

19. Vegetarian Soboro Don

Tofu soboro don served on a bowl.

Savor a satisfying vegetarian meal with this Soboro Don, made from tofu and egg. You will love the simplicity of Japanese cooking in this delicious rice bowl!

How To Press Tofu: Simple Steps to Remove Moisture

Tofu with cutting board and heavy objects.

For tasty tofu dishes, some recipes require draining excess water. No fancy tofu press is needed—grab everyday kitchen items and paper towels. Dive into this quick guide and learn how to press the tofu!

Looking For More?

If you want more variations, check out these healthy and straightforward Japanese dishes using tofu products below!

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18 Easy Japanese Tofu Recipes For Weeknight Dinners

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Explore a collection of Japanese Tofu Recipes! From agedashi to teriyaki tofu and miso soup, bring the authentic flavors of Japan to your kitchen with these easy recipes!


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