Vegetable Yaki Udon

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Vegetable Yaki Udon is a great, easy dinner idea for busy weeknights. It’s delicious and healthy, and it’s ready in under 15 minutes from start to finish!

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vegetable yaki udon in a bowl

I’ll walk you through the ingredients and step-by-step instructions. I hope you enjoy it!

Why You Will Love This Recipe 

  • Yaki Udon is a quick dish made from stir-fried chewy noodles.
  • The vegetable flavors are enhanced with Japanese seasonings.
  • Find the various topping ideas in this recipe.

Udon Noodles

Udon noodles, the classic Japanese noodle made with wheat flour and water, are a staple of Japanese cooking. These thick and white noodles have a chewy texture and can be enjoyed both hot and cold. Learn more about udon noodles in “What are Japanese udon noodles: A Beginner’s Guide

Recipe Ingredients

You’ll need the following ingredients to make this Vegetable Yaki Udon:

Ingredients for vegetable yaki udon
  • Udon Noodles: Any udon noodles work great for this yaki udon. I use pre-cooked udon noodles in this recipe.
  • Aburaage is Japanese deep-fried tofu pouches, and I use it as protein in this vegan yaki udon. It quickly soaks up the taste and combines well with the noodles.
  • Sesame Oil: You can substitute it with vegetable oil, canola oil, olive oil, or any other preferred type of oil.
  • Sauce ingredients: Salt, mirin, soy sauce. If you are not vegan and love savory sauce, you can add oyster sauce or Worcestershire sauce at the end.
  • Topping of your choice (see the following section)

Types of Udon Noodles

Let’s talk about the types of udon noodles we can find at the store:

  • Dried udon noodles take about six minutes to boil, so they are not suitable when you want your dish quickly. But it’s good that these usually don’t have any additives!
  • Frozen udon noodles are super easy to use, as you can defrost them in the microwave or boil them before cooking. They are chewy and soft. Frozen noodles last long, making them an excellent choice if you want to keep some stock in your freezer.
  • Pre-cooked noodles are also a quick and easy option. They are already boiled, so you add them to a pan and cook.
  • Fresh udon noodles strike an excellent balance between chewiness and firmness. Since these noodles have not been subjected to drying, they have a short shelf life.

How To Make Vegetable Yaki Udon: STEP BY STEP 

Here are some quick visual instructions! For the video and all the detailed ingredients and instructions, go to the printable recipe card below.

How to make yaki udon.

Step 1

Cut vegetables into thin strips

How to make yaki udon.

Step 2

Stir fry the vegetables in a large pan.

How to make yaki udon.

Step 3

Add udon noodles.

How to make yaki udon.

Step 4

Add seasoning and stir fry.

vegetable yaki udon in a bowl

Serve in a bowl and enjoy this flavorful vegetable yaki udon!

Recipe Tips

  • By steaming, we bring out the delicious umami and sweetness of the vegetables. The carrots will be very sweet!
  • Add pre-cooked udon noodles to the pan and make them soft and chewy through steaming. If you use frozen noodles or dried noodles, follow the package instructions.
  • If the taste is too light for you, please feel free to add soy sauce and tweak your flavors. A mushroom sauce could work as well.

Ingredients Variations

ingredient variations for vegetable yaki udon

Yaki udon is a versatile dish that can be made with any ingredients. Here are more variation ideas:

  • Choice of protein (vegan): Tofu, atsuage, soy chunks, tempeh
  • Choice of vegetables: Green onions, onions, spring onions, bell peppers, bok choy (pak choi), spinach, napa cabbage, many mushrooms, moyashi (bean sprouts), eggplant, snow peas

Topping Ideas

6 topping ideas for vegetable yaki udon

Do you want to experience this dish the Japanese way? If yes, then these toppings are for you! We have a variety of topping options here!

  • Furikake (Rice seasoning) is a simple and basic Japanese rice seasoning mix used to flavor plain steamed white rice, and it works well for udon noodles. You can find many variations of furikake with fish, seaweed, eggs, and vegetables, so the choice is yours.
  • Nori and Aonori are seaweed. We use seaweed a lot in Japanese cuisine, as it makes for great toppings. If you are unfamiliar with seaweed, try Nori first, as Aonori has a stronger flavor (smell from the ocean).
  • Green onions
  • Katsuobushi (Bonito flakes) is bonito flakes, so it’s not vegan but the most common topping for yaki udon in Japan.
  • Fried egg

What To Serve With

To complement this vegetable yaki udon, I recommend serving it with Daikon miso soup, Hiyayakko, and Nori tamagoyaki!

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vegetable yaki udon in a bowl

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Vegetable yaki udon in a large pan

Vegetable Yaki Udon (Vegan)

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Prep: 5 minutes
Cook: 10 minutes
Total: 15 minutes
Servings: 2 servings
Author: Juri Austin
Vegetable Yaki Udon is a great, easy dinner idea for busy weeknights. It's delicious and healthy, and the cooking process can be completed in under 15 minutes from start to finish!


  • 1 Frying pan 26cm (10 inch)


  • 2 packs Udon noodles, 340g
  • Cabbage
  • ½ Carrot
  • 5 Shiitake mushrooms
  • 2 Aburaage
  • 1 Tbsp Sesame Oil
  • Topping of your choice, See note

Sauce ingredients 

  • ½ tsp Salt
  • 1 Tbsp Mirin
  • 1 Tbsp Soy Sauce


  • Cut ingredients: Cut cabbage, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, and aburaage into thin strips
  • Stir fry the ingredients: Heat in a large pan over medium heat, add sesame oil, and stir fry the ingredients
  • Steam: Add salt and two tablespoons of water, cover, and steam for 5-6 minutes on low heat until tender
  • Add udon and steam: Add udon noodles, mirin, and soy sauce, cover, and steam for a couple of minutes
  • Stir fry: Open the lid and stir fry on medium heat until well combined
  • Toppings: Top with katsuobushi, or green onion as you like



  • Substitute: Use your favorite vegetables such as green onions, onions, paprikas, bok choy, spinach,  napa cabbage, etc.  You can use any type of udon noodle such as dry noodles, frozen noodles, or fresh noodles.
  • Topping: Katsuobushi, aonori, scallions, shredded nori, furikake, fried egg. See the “Topping Ideas” section
  • If the taste is too light for you, feel free to add more soy sauce


Serving: 1serving | Calories: 404kcal | Carbohydrates: 41g | Protein: 12.5g
Course: Noodles
Cuisine: Japanese
Keyword: udon noodles, vegan, Yaki udon
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