36 Fun and Flavorful Onigiri eBook

If you are looking for what to put in onigiri, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s explore Japanese cuisine and discover a variety of delicious Onigiri Fillings together in this eBook!

Explore All the Onigiri Fillings!

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Explore a world of mouthwatering rice balls in this amazing ebook, designed just for beginners and onigiri fans like you!

You’ll explore various types of rice balls, from the ones wrapped in seaweed to the ones with mix-ins. You’ll also learn how to shape them perfectly every time with easy instructions.

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What You Will Get

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  • 36 Onigiri Variations
  • 66 pages
Buy Now $11.99

Whether you want a quick snack or a special addition to your lunchbox, “36 Fun and Flavorful Onigiri” has recipes for every occasion. Get creative and have a great time making delicious rice ball treats! 

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